About PaneSpace

My name is Masimba Maregedze. PaneSpace is my personal blog and a play ground. I write about anything that comes to my mind every day. I sit down once or twice every day to put a few words on a new page. I write tutorials, motivation and my opinion on any subject.

My views on technology

As a young internet entrepreneur and computer programmer, I love technology very much. I have a fast growing web hosting company, and a web development firm. I love technology’s innovations and artificial intelligence with all that it brings. I believe we will one day eliminate some of the accounting duties through the use of artificial intelligence. My company has no accountant or cashier and full-time social media runner, but we have all this monitored 24/7 through artificial intelligence.If your mind is still limited to a traditional view on the modern technology you must save this site to your bookmarks.

I love writing

From my childhood, I had been feeling it in my nerves. I love writing and expressing my opinion to everyone. I write poems, motivation, tutorials, novels and short articles. I do not do this for a payment, no. If you would like to have a story written for you in about five thousand words, click here so that we talk about it. Please share my posts, I would appreciate that. If you need more information about any subject I write about do not hesitate to make a request by commenting on the post page. If you want me to write about some topics I would love to do that for you as well.

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